SeneGence SeneSerum-C Anti Aging Skin Care

SeneGence SeneSerum-C Anti Aging Skin CareSeneGence SeneSerum-C Anti Aging Skin Care

SeneSerum-C is a breakthrough in advanced anti-aging technology in a rich, liquid form. The highly-concentrated formula delivers SenePlex Complex and patented stabilised Vitamin C necessary for collagen production, increasing elasticity and creating firmer, healthier, younger-looking skin, one drop at a time.

SeneSerum-C with SenePlex
Vitamin C is the key ingredient that helps amino acids that in turn effect the production of collagen.

With patented stabilized Vitamin C SeneGence can address the delivery of Vitamin-C to the skin. SeneSerum-C and the Squalene in the product is the vehicle that takes SenePlex Complex down to the deepest level of penetration. Squalene blends with your sebum which helps to deliver the beneficial ingredients to the skin. SeneSerum-C with SenePlex delivers beneficial ingredients that make the skin more beautiful through the latest in advanced technology: Dermal Transference.

The Science Behind the Product

There are three main factors which make SeneSerum-C with SenePlex combined with Dermal Transference a substantial break-through product for anti-aging skin care treatments:

  1. Squalene
  2. Stabilized Vitamin C
  3. SenePlex Complex

Here’s how:

SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex is 60% to 70% olive oil base Squalene (non-shark source). It is made for all skin types as it is non-toxic, non-irritating, & hypoallergenic.

Stabilized Vitamin C is combined with SenePlex Complex (and the actives contained therein) in a waterless anhydrous media of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fruit and plant butters. Because there is no water in SeneSerum-C, the ingredients used are at their highest concentration and purity. The synergistic combination of Vitamin C with SenePlex in a moisture-rich environment enhances the properties of each.

Stabilized Vitamin C – Vitamin C is used for cell replenishment. The human body cannot produce Vitamin C for itself. Until now, you must eat food or take vitamins as a source to replenish Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant that helps fight off ultraviolet free radicals. The Vitamin C used in SeneSerum-C with SenePlex is an oil soluble Vitamin C that is stabilized, meaning it really works and is ‘active’ within the SeneSerum – C with SenePlex mixture as opposed to using unstabilized Vitamin C blends that do not work.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • SenePlex Complex – Kinetic Enzyme that increases cellular renewal.
  • Squalane – deactivates the free radical known as singlet oxygen, the free radical that is generated by exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Squalene can also absorb and bind fat-soluble toxins, helping to excrete them from the body. These multiple functions of squalene make it an excellent nutritional support product for the skin. It helps to soften and diminish tiny lines. It helps to soothe dry, irritated skin and creates a barrier to protect the skin against the harsh environment. The Squalene oil is used to blend with the natural oils produced by the skin, and makes possible the stabilized and active Vitamin C, and also enhances the effects of SenePlex Complex.
  • Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate – stabilized time-released Vitamin C; helps increase collagen production & diminish wrinkles.
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil – used to treat a wide variety of skin problems including bruises, burns, rash, scabies, skin infections, and wounds.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera) – most known for moisturizing, soothing, and healing. Recent studies indicate that Aloe Vera gel has the ability to enhance and accelerate cellular growth.
  • Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui) Seed Oil – referred to as the Candlenut; used for its soothing properties.
  • Cymbidium Grandiflorum (Orchid) Flower Extract – a plant native to the South Pacific, which has long been a source of excellence for the preparation of emollient products. This powerful anti-oxidant provides free-radical protection and maximum moisturization. The orchid extract is very effective as a sunscreen.
  • Algae (Seaweed) Extract – hydrates, protects skin from the sun, and softens the skin. It is essential in the penetration of the top layer of the stratum corneum and enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself.

SeneSerum-C Directions for Use

For night time use – Apply to clean, dry skin; using the eyedropper, place one to two droplets of SeneSerum-C with SenePlex onto fingertips. Massage gently around eye area, all over the face and décolletage. Follow with SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer and SeneDerm EyeCrème. If using Climate Control, apply SeneSerum-C after Climate Control and prior to SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer.

Product Testomonials

From the very first application of SeneSerum-C around my eyes, face and those “already developed” lines around my mouth, I was shocked at the results. By the end of the day, the lines around my mouth were gone! I could not believe it, I took a double and triple take. This stuff is amazing. I applaud you. I am now putting the SeneSerum -C on my upper thighs to see what type of results will be revealed. Perhaps I will need this golden serum in gallons. – Jacquii G.

SeneSerum C is a winner. It should be part of the collection in every woman's bag of tricks. I have used many serums in the past and they all affected a stinging sensation which I never liked, so I discontinued use of them. SeneSerum-C is oil-based, which makes the use and delivery much more pleasant. I can see an improvement in my neck area after only a few days of use. I am very impressed! No doubt I will have to stock a good supply to keep up with my own demand for the product. – Unknown

I have been using Serum-C for the past two weeks and it is wonderful. I am in chemotherapy and Serum-C has helped to make my skin look and feel fully moisturized and youthful. It is minimizing the blotches and has eliminated the dryness chemotherapy can cause. I use it daily after Climate Control and before Evening Moisturizer. No one can believe I'm in chemotherapy. Even my own doctor said I look wonderful and he's amazed. Take a bow, this product is a winner. – Andrea M.

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