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SeneGence® LinerSense

LipSense LinerSense

SeneGence® LinerSense SeneGence® LinerSense is a long lasting, creamy liquid lip liner which contains SenePlex Complex. Line your lips with your choice of shade, for a more defined and finished look. Includes fine, sable brush for accuracy when applying. Designed to blend and complement with all LipSense® shades Contains the same long-lasting, revolutionary formula as LipSense […]

SeneGence® BlushSense

SeneGence BlushSense

SeneGence® BlushSense. Provides the perfect touch of color in a long-lasting, creamy blush that smooths easily over skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day. SeneGence® BlushSense SeneGence® Blushsense is a long lasting, creamy liquid blush which contains SenePlex Complex provides the perfect touch of color. Blend together to customize shades or use separately to […]

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