Waterproof 24 Hour Cosmetics

SeneGence® Waterproof 24 Hour Cosmetics

SeneGence®​ Waterproof 24 Hour Cosmetics when used with SeneGence’s Antiaging Skin Care range provide 24 hours of skin protection that can make every face look more beatuiful and keep it that way!  Or simply use SeneGence’s lasting waterproo cosmetic foundation and colour range for no fuss everyday application.  Their Cosmetic range also offers you the unique antiaging benefits of Seneplex Complex, a kinetic enzyme that affects the way cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top.  SenePlex fights the signs of ageing by renewing your skin cells an average of 23.3% more rapidly.

SeneGence Waterpoof 24 Hour Cosmetics

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